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Press Release 24th March 2017 – Unite For Europe Organisers

Big turnout expected in support of the EU, as more high-profile speakers confirm *** PRESS RELEASE *** Unite for Europe, National March to Parliament, London, 25 March 2017 Organisers of the Unite for Europe March on Saturday, have seen a surge in … Continue reading

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Ten reasons why it is not undemocratic for The House of Lords to amend the Article 50 bill

Originally posted on The Great British Moronathon:
…or to vote against it if amendments are rejected. The House of Lords exists as a check on power, and to make governments think again where they may be acting precipitously. Lords have a…

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People’s Challenge – Thank you & why we are pushing on past £150,000

We have raised the necessary money for the hearings in the Divisional  Court, this is an important milestone. However this fight for Parliamentary democracy is a marathon not a sprint. Pushing on past the magic £150,000. We’ve been focussing on … Continue reading

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LED by the nose

One of the most transparently fraudulent tactics of the Leave campaign was its use of rabble rousing “examples” of EU interference in people’s everyday lives. Yes, we’re talking about a world filled with bent bananas, barmaids’ cleavages and one size … Continue reading

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The Leave Campaign’s Most Toxic Legacy

One week before voting for the EU Referendum took place, a UK MP was brutally murdered, and to judge by the almost total absence of any mention of this since the day of the vote, people seem to have forgotten … Continue reading

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Do not wait for the world to deliver your salvation: Support the Second Referendum! Several million people have signed the petition for a second referendum, but we need more. If the disaster that is Brexit is to be avoided, we need 10s of millions of people to sign it. All of you who … Continue reading

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Quitters emasculate the UK even before the UK has left the EU – UK Commissioner for resigns

Lord Hills, the EU Commissioner for Financial Services, has resigned from the EU Commission. Lord Hills was leading the move to fully open up the services market in the EU, a market which would be of enormous benefit to the UK.  

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