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How You can help shape the Remain campaign

With the Referendum perhaps less than 5 months away it is time to step up the work that “SY2E – Remain in the EU” is doing. SY2E is a volunteer, cross party/apolitical grassroots organisation; nobody is employed, nobody is on … Continue reading

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Do the Leavers have a plan for something BETTER than the EU – if so how about telling us all?

The problem is that different groups want to leave the EU for different reasons. So long as these reasons are kept vague there is no problem but the moment people try to describe, which they rarely do, how they see … Continue reading

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Votes for Life – Campaigning with New Europeans & European Movement UK on Voting Rights for all UK Expatriates

Parliamentary petition to Implement Votes for Life legislation before EU referendum We have been supporting the campaign by Votes for Expat Brits to remove this limit for many months. Through the efforts of people such as 91 year old Harry Schindler a … Continue reading

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Why are we thinking about dividing and winning, wouldn’t it be better to unite and lead?

There are a couple of spats going on at the moment that people are using to justify the idea that the anti-EU camp is splitting. There is the inevitable competition between the two main No/Out/Leave campaign groups and a rift … Continue reading

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The EU Referendum campaign must belong to the public.

A day over three months ago I wrote a piece called “EU Referendum & the grassroots campaign” about how the grassroots pro-EU groups were filling a need for an apolitical/cross-party pro-EU movement. Little did I think that they would be the only … Continue reading

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Why we are planning a grassroots campaign.

The “No” campaigners are getting organised and seem to be learning from past mistakes. Rather than relying on rather unpredictable politicians, they are planning on a business-led campaign with a “flock of birds” leadership, i.e. one that frequently changes, as … Continue reading

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Safe European Home

Posted on June 25, 2015 by Yasmin Ali In a large European city last night, a small, but remarkable meeting took place. It was the initiative of one man, young, unsectarian, committed to the public good. It is an example of how, perhaps … Continue reading

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