“Please mind the gap between the EU and the platform”

People often call the Remain campaign project Fear, I call it project Get Real.

When somebody gives you advice or a warning you should thank your lucky stars that somebody gives enough of a toss about you to do so, not, as some people do, pile abuse and scorn onto them as if they’d just spat on you.

Leave say that there will be no gap whatsoever between the EU and the platform. Have you looked to see for yourself? What if you just blithely step off the train and fall into that gap? Will it be any consolation that the little Boris Johnson on your shoulder is apologising for the fact that you’re in that hole?

And remember that the train is moving fast, by the time you’ve fallen out, picked yourself up and dusted yourself off, the train has already left the station.

After all when you’re about to get on the underground at Waterloo and the man says “Mind the Gap”, do you hurl abuse at the speaker or do you mind the gap?

So next time someone on the Remain side says “Mind the Gap” take a look at where you’re stepping.


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