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Brussels isn’t the bad guy – even Boris Johnson agrees.

  Lack of government investment in five key areas – jobs, vacancies, wages, housing and the NHS – is the real reason we’re suffering Source: Brussels isn’t the bad guy. Tory cuts cause Britain’s troubles | Business | The Guardian

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It seems that some do not yet know why the UKIP Breaking Point poster is so very offensive

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There is no compensation scheme if you are mis-sold a Brexit.

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Brexit – a risky & painful procedure – Vote for the UK to Remain in the EU

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Why would we not want to be part of the bigger picture?

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Leave Campaign still peddling £350 million lie.

I’ve never seen so much dough in all my life. But never forget – no matter how much dough they have here, it’s nothing like the dough we are sending to Brussels every day: £50 quids worth, £350m a week … Continue reading

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Don’t buy the “Pig in the Poke” being sold by the Leavers in the EU Referendum campaign

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