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Votes for Life – Campaigning with New Europeans & European Movement UK on Voting Rights for all UK Expatriates

Parliamentary petition to Implement Votes for Life legislation before EU referendum We have been supporting the campaign by Votes for Expat Brits to remove this limit for many months. Through the efforts of people such as 91 year old Harry Schindler a … Continue reading

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Impact of Brexit good reason to vote?

Originally posted on Votes for Expat Brits blog:
From the standpoint of repealing the 15-year-rule for expats, the impact of a Brexit should provide a clear example (certainly for those resident within the EU) of the importance of British citizens not already excluded by this rule to make sure that they…

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Geoffrey Clinton-Brown introduced a private members bill to abolish the 15 year limit Overseas Voting on 3rd December 2014. The second reading of the bill will be on 6th March 2015 although to be succesful it will need cross-party support. Similar amendments to … Continue reading

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House of Commons – Library Standard Note SN/PC/05923 – Overseas Voting

Interesting information not only about the current right to vote for overseas citizens but also the history of that right to vote. The House of Commons Library note is here Overseas Voters – ParliamentUK Contains Parliamentary information licensed under the Open … Continue reading

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Disenfranchisement: Commission acts to defend voting rights of EU citizens abroad

“The right to vote is one of the fundamental political rights of citizenship. It is part of the very fabric of democracy. Depriving citizens of their right to vote once they move to another EU country is effectively tantamount to … Continue reading

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