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*The EU and UK employment rights

Originally posted by Marion Thornly in her blog Ceret Diaries: The EU and UK employment rights   The following is a brief summary of a paper entitled “UK Employment Rights and the EU” recently published by the TUC.   The Treaty … Continue reading

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Brexit: Nothing More Than A Contemporary Mode – Part 2

Following on from his previous post https://sayyes2europe.eu/2015/10/10/brexit-nothing-more-than-a-contemporary-mode/ Dave Matthews continues to explore the questions about what happens in the event of a Brexit. There are some huge questions being bandied around the UK and Europe at the moment, concerning our presence and … Continue reading

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Right of Residence in the EU – France

Following on from the post about Permanent Residence in the EU here are links to information about how to obtain a French “carte de séjour – UE” or a “carte de séjour – UE séjour permanent”. The pages are in French … Continue reading

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Right of Residence in the EU

Freedom of Movement. Individual’s freedom of movement within the EU is frequently misunderstood; there is no universal, no-questions-asked, freedom of movement under the EU treaties for stays of longer than 3 months. There is an important but limited freedom of movement: … Continue reading

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Individual freedom of movement in the EU vs the rest of the world

The question A question often asked is how do UK citizens do better in the EU as expats than UK expats elsewhere in the world. An answer UK citizens enjoy a considerable number of individual rights within the EU. The primary … Continue reading

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