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Nigel Farage an ambassador for the UK in the EU Parliament!

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Boris Johnson’s Dream World: He won’t call a General Election but it isn’t his decision.

It is difficult to comprehend where in La-La land Boris Johnson lives. He has said that he won’t call a “snap” General Election if he becomes leader of the Conservative Party and therefore Prime Minister. But that decision is not … Continue reading

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Ode to the Leavers – I could not dig: I dared not rob: Therefore I lied to please the mob.


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What the Quitters are Scared to tell you: “Our promises were only possibilities” at best.

Vote Leave made a number of key promises as corner stones of their campaign. Iain Duncan Smith said on Sunday: “Our promises were a series of possibilities.” So do Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Gisella Stuart, Iain Duncan Smith, Nigel Farage, Priti … Continue reading

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The EU Referendum Campaign: the biggest mis-trial in living memory

The referendum campaign was flawed in any number of ways but this trial in which our EU membership stood accused was plagued by possibly the biggest sin you can commit in court: Perjury. The Defence argued that the EU was … Continue reading

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What the Quitters are Scared to tell you: “We have plans for ourselves, but not for you.”

Boris, what is your plan to stem – and more importantly repair – the damage being done to the UK  domestically, politically, socially and internationally as a result of your campaign for the UK to quit the EU? That is THE single … Continue reading

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Quitters emasculate the UK even before the UK has left the EU – UK Commissioner for resigns

Lord Hills, the EU Commissioner for Financial Services, has resigned from the EU Commission. Lord Hills was leading the move to fully open up the services market in the EU, a market which would be of enormous benefit to the UK.  

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What the Quitters are Scared to tell you: They lied! Support a 2nd Referendum on EU membership

EU Referendum Rules triggering a 2nd EU Referendum Nigel Farage admits that the claim about the £350 million cost of membership is a “mistake” Daniel Hannan admits that if people want to see immigration to the UK by EU citizens … Continue reading

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Do the Leavers know what they are talking about? Penny Mordaunt doesn’t.

In an interview with Andrew Marr, Brexit campaigner Penny Mordaunt gave another example of the Brexiteers’ scare campaign. The existing member states of the EU all have a veto on whether new members are allowed to join. This is a … Continue reading

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