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The Leave Campaign’s Most Toxic Legacy

One week before voting for the EU Referendum took place, a UK MP was brutally murdered, and to judge by the almost total absence of any mention of this since the day of the vote, people seem to have forgotten … Continue reading

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UK could have Australian-style immigration system according to Leave campaigners.

What’s the story? Prominent anti-EU campaigners say they want to introduce a points-based immigration system in the UK to limit those coming to the UK to skilled workers in shortage occupations, claiming current levels of migration are lowering wages and … Continue reading

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Boris Johnson does it again: Apples, Oranges, and what was it we were talking about again?

Boris has put his foot in his mouth again, unfortunately it’s likely nobody will notice. his latest article in the Telegraph (29th May) compares apples with oranges, misleads, deceives and spends most of its time discussing something which has nothing … Continue reading

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Some founder members of the Conservative Friends of Turkey – Boris Johnson, Douglas Carswell, Daniel Hannan?

Listed among the founder members of the Conservative Friends of Turkey are Boris Johnson, Douglas Carswell, and Daniel Hannan. OBJECTIVES Promote strong Anglo-Turkish relations Help to foster bilateral trade and business relationships Build links between the Conservative Party and Turkish … Continue reading

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EU Freedom of Movement isn’t the universal unrestrained movement that some people think it is.

By Mike Meade a member of one of the SY2E – Remain in the EU groups. There is a prevalent notion that an EU country (like Britain) must accept the residency of any other EU national (like Romanians). This is … Continue reading

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Immigration has been, on balance, beneficial to Britain – Africans for Britain

Africans for Britain has withdrawn from the Vote Leave campaign. We fear a take over of the campaign by the radical wing which is likely to scapegoat immigrants. Most of our members and sympathisers have a history of migration. We … Continue reading

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Immigration scandal: Lancastrian takes Yorkshireman’s job, Yorkshire threatens to leave the UK

It’s interesting to listen to the list of wrongs done to the UK by immigrants (or even some times non-white or non-Christian people). This often leaves me baffled even before I look at the facts and figures. I like to … Continue reading

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Daniel Hannan admits there will be freedom of movement after a Brexit – so why is leaving the EU the better option?

It is clear that the Leave campaigners do not have a clear, cohesive idea about what the alternatives to the UK’s membership of the EU are. One of the main planks of the EUphobes’ argument is immigration. According to Daniel … Continue reading

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Why are we thinking about dividing and winning, wouldn’t it be better to unite and lead?

There are a couple of spats going on at the moment that people are using to justify the idea that the anti-EU camp is splitting. There is the inevitable competition between the two main No/Out/Leave campaign groups and a rift … Continue reading

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Uk citizens residing in the rest of the EU – 2010 figures

They were taken from a government response to a question in the House of Lords in February 2014 and reported in the EUobserver. Two million British people emigrated to EU, figures show

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