How do you make sure your vote counts in this General Election? Make sure you Register and Vote!

The People's Challenge

  1. First and foremost make sure you are registered to vote, remember:
    • Students are entitled to register at both their university address and their home address;
    • If you have moved, or changed your name or nationality since you last registered, you need to register again;
    • You can register to vote by following this link and there are details of the deadlines for registering.
  2. Secondly, make sure you vote.
  3. If on polling day you won’t be where you are registered, make sure you have a postal or proxy vote.

There are arguments for and against postal and proxy votes.

Voting by Post

With a postal vote there are delays in sending you the papers. They can’t be sent out until after the list of candidates has been finalised (14th November closing date for nominations), and then the ballot papers have to be printed. The papers must be sent back so that they…

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