Say Yes 2 Europe – Remain in the EU

Say Yes 2 Europe is an alliance of grassroots campaigns working to ensure that there is a decisive majority in favour of the UK remaining in the EU in the forthcoming referendum.

It links individuals and groups that are campaigning to ensure a pro-EU result in the referendum

Our aims are to:

– make people aware of the benefits and rights that individuals have as a result of being EU citizens;

– ensure people are aware of the consequences for them and future generations if the UK were to leave the EU

– campaign with others to ensure that in the referendum the overwhelming majority of voters will be in favour of Britain remaining in the EU;

– campaign to ensure that all UK Citizens regardless of residence have equal rights in the referendum;

– campaign to ensure that all EU citizens permanently resident in the UK have equal rights in the referendum

The network is strictly apolitical, not affiliated to any political party or governmental organisation but will seek support from and work with political parties and groupings that share the network’s aims.