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Brexit Mandate? What Brexit Mandate? by Andy Knott

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“Wombgate”: Why Trump like politics are destroying the UK

A month ago, if you’d asked the man in the street, “Who is Andrea Leadsom?” my guess is that you’d have got little more than a blank look in reply. Even two weeks ago, post Brexit, I think you’d have … Continue reading

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This is what Parliamentary sovereignty means…

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What is this “Brexit” that “Mr Farage and associates” trying to sell us and why?

This post is going out to those of you who are undecided or can be swayed regarding the upcoming referendum. I could try to convince you of the value of cooperation by bringing up examples such as neighborhood watches or … Continue reading

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Professor of European Law, Michael Dougan provides his viewpoint on the EU referendum

Professor of European Law at the University of Liverpool, Professor Dougan provides his viewpoint on the EU referendum, and discussed the facts and figures circulated by both the ‘Leave’ and ‘Remain’ campaigns.

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EU referendum: Emergency legislation will extend voter registration deadline to midnight Thursday

No one should miss out on voting in this historic referendum because of the problem with the government’s registration website last night. We said this morning that legislation should be introduced to extend the registration deadline and we’re pleased the … Continue reading

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David Cameron urges voters to continue to sign up to vote in the EU Referendum

“If you aren’t registered & you want to vote in this EU referendum you should continue to register” David Cameron. I Live in the UK I Live Overseas I am in the Armed Services

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