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LED by the nose

One of the most transparently fraudulent tactics of the Leave campaign was its use of rabble rousing “examples” of EU interference in people’s everyday lives. Yes, we’re talking about a world filled with bent bananas, barmaids’ cleavages and one size … Continue reading

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Nigel Farage tries to show that all of the EU will arrive in the UK – that doesn’t even pass a basic sanity check.

Nigel Farage proposes that 508 million people ‘could come to the UK’ from other EU countries. Hang on a moment 65 million of those already LIVE in the UK, while the idea of the entire populations of France, Germany, Austria, … Continue reading

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What the Quitters are Scared to tell you: Their Antarctica/EU comparison is nonsense.

Boris Johnson & his acolytes opened the Wembley debate with some of their usual nonsense – “Only Antarctica is worse”. Let’s just examine what this is about, it will take a moment or two and we’ll have to go a … Continue reading

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Leave Campaign still peddling £350 million lie.

I’ve never seen so much dough in all my life. But never forget – no matter how much dough they have here, it’s nothing like the dough we are sending to Brussels every day: £50 quids worth, £350m a week … Continue reading

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So the Leavers say the EU is undemocratic. Another Myth debunked.

Thanks to Paula Kirby, a member of one of the SY2E – Remain in the EU groups. I’d like to correct a very widespread misunderstanding. It is not correct to say the EU is unelected. It is true that the … Continue reading

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The EU, a dictatorship? Are you sure?

I have heard many people say that the EU is essentially a dictatorship, when I first heard this my response was: The people who say this obviously don’t understand dictatorships. In dictatorships you don’t usually get to vote, on anything. … Continue reading

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The UK has pooled sovereignty since 1603 – why are the Leavers so scared of the EU?

Some in the UK believe that the UK is wholly incompatible with any form of union or sharing/pooling of power. This is most curious seeing as the UK’s history of union and pooling of power started in 1603.when England and Scotland formed … Continue reading

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Nigel Farage’s 10 month trade deal, another myth.

Nigel Farage used the US-Australian Free Trade Agreement as the counter-argument to predictions that it would take 5-10 years to negotiate a UK-USA FTA. His assertion is that it had taken just 10 months to negotiate the US-Australia FTA. Let’s look at it: … Continue reading

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EFTA states contributions to the EU is on an equal footing with EU member states.

On BBC Radio 4’s “”Any Questions” last night (22nd April 2016), Nigel Farage claimed that Norway makes no contributions to the EU (though he acknowledged it voluntarily makes some donations to poorer EU member states) and that it incorporates only … Continue reading

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How a Churchill quote was “stitched up” to support Brexit

Dead people can’t sue or answer back. Maybe that’s why supporters of Brexit thought they could get away with fabricating a quote by Winston Churchill to support Britain leaving the European Union. Increasingly doing the rounds in the lead-up to … Continue reading

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