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How do you make sure your vote counts in this General Election? Make sure you Register and Vote!

Originally posted on The People's Challenge:
First and foremost make sure you are registered to vote, remember: Students are entitled to register at both their university address and their home address; If you have moved, or changed your name…

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Pie crust promises – more evidence, if more is needed, that calling a General Election is just a way to ensure a No-Deal Brexit in 2020!

Originally posted on The People's Challenge:
At a lobby briefing this morning the prime minister’s spokesman ruled out MPs being given a vote on whether or not to request an extension to the Brexit transition, which is due to…

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Theresa May snatches defeat from the jaws of victory

Theresa May called for unity, unity behind a project she defined. It was not a project defined either by the referendum or by Parliament. According to some it was not even defined by the government. She was determined only to … Continue reading

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The People’s Challenge – Thank you and a brief moment to draw breath.

We have achieved very nearly all we aimed for during The Second People’s Challenge. This has only been possible because of your support. Thank you for the time, effort and money you have given us. We collectively must not forget … Continue reading

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Brexit Bill – the Decisive Moment.

On Monday afternoon MPs will debate the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill again. The Government’s aim is to strip away the EU residents’ and parliamentary approval amendments, then return the Bill to the Lords and press there for it … Continue reading

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Rock on the Lords, can the Commons Jive – a resounding cheer for the Lords and now, thanks to your support, on to the fight in the Commons .

On Tuesday evening, a record number of peers passed, by a majority of 98, an amendment to the European Union (Withdrawal Notification) Bill, giving Parliament a meaningful vote on what happens at the conclusion of the Brexit negotiations. The Bill … Continue reading

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Ten reasons why it is not undemocratic for The House of Lords to amend the Article 50 bill

Originally posted on The Great British Moronathon:
…or to vote against it if amendments are rejected. The House of Lords exists as a check on power, and to make governments think again where they may be acting precipitously. Lords have a…

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