Who’s this for

Who should follow these pages?

Citizens and residents of the UK who want the UK to remain in the EU.

This website started in December 2014 because of the concerns of a number of UK expatriates had about the possibility of the UK sliding towards leaving the EU without people being aware of the risks and consequences.

Over the following 2-3 months the group developed from a largely expatriate based group into a broader based pro-EU campaign group with members not only from the UK but also from many of the EU member states.

At the same time the group was seeking to work with other pro-EU groups but the chaos of the period leading up to the General Election and the largely unexpected result seemed to have stunned many of the pro-EU groups into inactivity.

Clearly a grassroots movement will be an essential part of the pro-EU campaign leading up to the referendum and beyond.

At the beginning of May some of the members of the “UK Citizens in the EU” group decided that the time had come to make a start.

The “Say Yes 2 Europe” movement was launched as a consequence of that decision.

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