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Daniel Hannan admits there will be freedom of movement after a Brexit – so why is leaving the EU the better option?

It is clear that the Leave campaigners do not have a clear, cohesive idea about what the alternatives to the UK’s membership of the EU are. One of the main planks of the EUphobes’ argument is immigration. According to Daniel … Continue reading

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Uk citizens residing in the rest of the EU – 2010 figures

They were taken from a government response to a question in the House of Lords in February 2014 and reported in the EUobserver. Two million British people emigrated to EU, figures show

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Some legal opinion on immigration controls in both directions.

Both of these links refer to the EU Law Analysis blogspot. What happens to British expatriates if the UK leaves the EU? What would happen to EU nationals living or planning to visit or live in the UK after a … Continue reading

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