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“Wombgate”: Why Trump like politics are destroying the UK

A month ago, if you’d asked the man in the street, “Who is Andrea Leadsom?” my guess is that you’d have got little more than a blank look in reply. Even two weeks ago, post Brexit, I think you’d have … Continue reading

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Government response to 2nd EU Referendum: why it doesn’t satisfy Democracy or UK Sovereignty

Those of you who signed the petition for a second referendum will have received an e-mail response detailing why the government says there will not be a second referendum. Do not despair, this e-mail does remarkably little other than illustrate … Continue reading

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Brussels isn’t the bad guy – even Boris Johnson agrees.

  Lack of government investment in five key areas – jobs, vacancies, wages, housing and the NHS – is the real reason we’re suffering Source: Brussels isn’t the bad guy. Tory cuts cause Britain’s troubles | Business | The Guardian

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Here is my final EU referendum plea. Take a look fellow new european friends. If you like it I will spread it.

By Rupert Slade a member of one of the SY2E – Remain in the EU groups. If immigration is your big problem with the eu, then frankly you shouldn’t be my friend. The evidence in report after report is against … Continue reading

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What the EU does for you and me – 2.

By Manuel Escuder, a member of one of the SY2E – Remain in the EU groups Here is another example of what the EU can do for individuals. Before retiring, I worked for an international company with operations throughout the … Continue reading

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