For months now a grassroots pro-EU campaign has been building across the UK, Europe and beyond.

People from across the spectrum, have been setting up groups, forums, blogs to inform, help and discuss with the aim of making sure that the UK will Say Yes 2 Europe

There is a need for an movement based around and working for the people which goes beyond party politics, the issue is too important for that.

Not the sort of “people’s movement” politicians talk about when trying to curry favour with us and secure our votes but something which will enable groups of people with similar interests to work with others and put pressure on those politicians.

A movement that is truly driven from the “grassroots” just as originally meant at the beginning of the 1900’s and has the weight required to not just influence our political representatives but to compel them to listen and represent our views.

But “grassroots” organisations often dry up and die because they don’t have the resources required to sustain the effort.

By sharing the information, the resources and minimising the duplication of effort they can not only survive but grow and achieve the sort of impact they deserve.

– make people aware of the benefits and rights that individuals have as a result of being EU citizens;

– ensure people are aware of the consequences for them and future generations if the UK were to leave the EU

– campaign with others to ensure that in a Brexit referendum the overwhelming majority of voters will be in favour of Britain remaining in the EU;

– campaign to ensure that all UK Citizens regardless of residence have equal rights in a Brexit referendum;

– campaign to ensure that all EU citizens permanently resident in the UK have equal rights in a Brexit referendum

The network is strictly apolitical, not affiliated to any political party or governmental organisation but will seek support from and work with political parties and groupings that share the network’s aims.

Stuart Wilson & Grahame Pigney