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Because I'm basically lazy, I managed to retire early. We moved to France permanently and now have a completely renovated house standing in an acre of land in the middle of nowhere, which suits us just fine. I do not suffer fools gladly but I love cats, which are inherently foolish and therefore have an excuse for it. Music, travel, cooking and cats play a large part in my life.

LED by the nose

One of the most transparently fraudulent tactics of the Leave campaign was its use of rabble rousing “examples” of EU interference in people’s everyday lives. Yes, we’re talking about a world filled with bent bananas, barmaids’ cleavages and one size … Continue reading

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The Leave Campaign’s Most Toxic Legacy

One week before voting for the EU Referendum took place, a UK MP was brutally murdered, and to judge by the almost total absence of any mention of this since the day of the vote, people seem to have forgotten … Continue reading

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“Wombgate”: Why Trump like politics are destroying the UK

A month ago, if you’d asked the man in the street, “Who is Andrea Leadsom?” my guess is that you’d have got little more than a blank look in reply. Even two weeks ago, post Brexit, I think you’d have … Continue reading

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