Boris Johnson’s Dream World: He won’t call a General Election but it isn’t his decision.

It is difficult to comprehend where in La-La land Boris Johnson lives. He has said that he won’t call a “snap” General Election if he becomes leader of the Conservative Party and therefore Prime Minister.

But that decision is not his and hasn’t been since the enactment of the 2011 Fixed Term Parliaments Act.

Parliaments are now in place for a fixed 5 year term, except if Parliament decides otherwise.

If Parliament decides by a 2:1 majority to call an early General Election it can.

If Parliament passes a vote of No Confidence and does not pass a vote of Confidence within 14 days a General Election is called.

Without wishing to offend the Honourable & Right Honourable members of Parliament, provided one man and his dog retains the confidence of the UK’s Sovereign Parliament they can remain in Government. If not regardless of what they wish to say their mandate is they are out. It is Parliament’s choice.

Boris Johnson is a professional politician, he knows this. He is just trying to bully Parliament and the UK public.

Mr Johnson will not call a “snap” General Election because it is in no way up to him to do so, his statements to that effect are a waste of perfectly good oxygen.

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