I, Betty Chatterjee, want the UK to Remain in the EU because…..

During the last few months I have spoken to many friends in Denmark and in other countries. Nearly all of them have told me how they hope beyond Final Infographichope that Britain will vote to stay in the EU. They are worried about a post Brexit scenario.

Having lived in Denmark for 43 years I speak the language as fluently as I speak English. Most of my family and friends live here. I live a fully integrated and active life. My home is here. I have the same rights and duties as Danish residents. The only difference is that I have never applied for Danish citizenship.

Why? Because I have always considered myself to be both British and European. As a citizen of a European country it has been my right to move freely within the EU.

If Brexit wins I will be one of the estimated 1.2 million British citizens that will be aliens in our countries of residence. The estimated 2.9 million European citizens resident in Britain will also find themselves aliens.

In a few hours the polls will open. You may know which way you will vote. If not please consider very carefully the advice that has come from all corners of the world. Please vote to remain in Europe.



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