I, Nicholas Kent Newman, want the UK to Remain in the EU because…..

All my adult life I have been a passionate supporter of the European Communities and the EU as obviously the only sensible path after the war. At my French scFinal Infographichool there were dozens of different nationalities and we got on well, I did industrial “stages” on the continent, I worked in England and in France and saw the intense damage the “brain drain” did to the UK in the sixties – with that background I cannot see any attraction in isolationism, and as soon as the UK applied to join what is now the EU, so did I. The amount we have achieved with amazingly few resources is staggering. To throw all this out because of an internal party feud and greedy personal ambitions, and bow to pressure from certain well-known media barons, would be folly of the highest order. Furthermore the lies the Brexiteers have been spreading are deeply insulting to generations of hard-working and enlightened people from all walks of life who have put their backs into the common achievements, as well as the public they wish to influence. Don’t throw it all out on a badly thought-out and ignorant whim. Vote to remain!



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