Don’t give up on the EU, the ghosts of Britons past will come back to haunt you

So many people say we should leave the EU and “abandon the sinking ship” or ” give up the fight to reform the EU”. These people cannot be proud Britons.

Did Henry V say in front of Harfleur: “You know what, this is too difficult, let’s go home”?

Did Sir Francis Drake say: “Those look to be a mean bunch of Don’s what say we stay put.” when he saw the Spanish Armada?

Did Wellington give Napoleon Terms on the first day of Waterloo because he was outnumbered?

Did Churchill say to Hitler: “You want Europe? You can have it!”

For the first time and perhaps at the most crucial moment in this country’s history, we have lost our grit, our courage, our perseverance, our determination and so much more.

We have been Europe’s Champion against tyranny and oppression from Boney to Hitler, but now for the first time, History has called for a Champion to lead Europe into a better future and we have not risen to the occasion, while we drink to our glories past, others will write history in our absence.

This is what will come to pass if enough of you vote leave today.

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