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Nigel Farage’s 10 month trade deal, another myth.

Nigel Farage used the US-Australian Free Trade Agreement as the counter-argument to predictions that it would take 5-10 years to negotiate a UK-USA FTA. His assertion is that it had taken just 10 months to negotiate the US-Australia FTA. Let’s look at it: … Continue reading

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EFTA states contributions to the EU is on an equal footing with EU member states.

On BBC Radio 4’s “”Any Questions” last night (22nd April 2016), Nigel Farage claimed that Norway makes no contributions to the EU (though he acknowledged it voluntarily makes some donations to poorer EU member states) and that it incorporates only … Continue reading

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How a Churchill quote was “stitched up” to support Brexit

Dead people can’t sue or answer back. Maybe that’s why supporters of Brexit thought they could get away with fabricating a quote by Winston Churchill to support Britain leaving the European Union. Increasingly doing the rounds in the lead-up to … Continue reading

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Deconstructing the Leavers’ arguments – Myths, cliches and generalisations

An interesting side-effect of the EU Referendum (well, interesting to me at least) is the way it highlights the use of emotive language. Even when trying to scare us, the Remain people talk in measured tones,  using well-constructed, syntactically correct … Continue reading

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“Leave/No” campaign confirms that the 1975 EC (Common Market) WAS a political union

As confirmed by the official 1975 “No” campaign leaflet Frequently EUphobes insist that in 1975 the UK public was deceived about whether the European Community was a political union or not. We know that Harold Wilson made it quite clear … Continue reading

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We didn’t sign up to a political union – Myth

Harold Wilson, the then Prime Minister, made it quite clear when reporting to Parliament on the UK application to join the EEC that it was made for political and economic reasons. “But whatever the economic arguments, the House will realise … Continue reading

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