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The EU, a dictatorship? Are you sure?

I have heard many people say that the EU is essentially a dictatorship, when I first heard this my response was: The people who say this obviously don’t understand dictatorships. In dictatorships you don’t usually get to vote, on anything. … Continue reading

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What has the EU done for us? It has helped us in the achievement of our individual goals

With thanks to Chris Lyons, a member of one of the SY2E groups. When anyone starts talking about Europe, they inevitably start from a personal point of view of ‘what has Europe ever done for me?’ For those ex-pats living … Continue reading

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The UK has pooled sovereignty since 1603 – why are the Leavers so scared of the EU?

Some in the UK believe that the UK is wholly incompatible with any form of union or sharing/pooling of power. This is most curious seeing as the UK’s history of union and pooling of power started in 1603.when England and Scotland formed … Continue reading

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Why isn’t Germany planning to Leave the EU?

When you hear the Brexiteers blaming the EU for this and for that one thing that they never seem to acknowledge is that whatever the EU does, we are a full part of its deliberations and decisions. If the EU … Continue reading

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Referendum campaign – … perhaps, the end of the beginning

We are starting to see where everybody stands now that Donald Tusk has published the EU draft response to the reforms tabled by the UK. The EUphobes will be satisfied with nothing less than withdrawal from the EU, even though … Continue reading

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Why are we thinking about dividing and winning, wouldn’t it be better to unite and lead?

There are a couple of spats going on at the moment that people are using to justify the idea that the anti-EU camp is splitting. There is the inevitable competition between the two main No/Out/Leave campaign groups and a rift … Continue reading

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I worry about a Brexit

As a young person on the cusp of setting up a professional life, the threat of a British exit from the EU is very worrying indeed. I am in my twenties and have grown up with the notion that as … Continue reading

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