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Another illustration by Vote Leave of why BREXIT is not a cost free option

Why oh why, does Vote Leave seem unable to put up a single relevant factual argument?  Perhaps we all know the answer.  But you would think a Government Minister could make a better fist of explaining her case than Priti … Continue reading

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John Major – EU Referendum “It will decide Britain’s place in the world for generations”

In today’s Sunday Telegraph, former Prime Minister John Major has called for the UK to remain in the EU. “When we joined the EU we were the “sick man” of Europe: today, as a result of our domestic reforms and … Continue reading

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Liam Fox “the public need to hear the arguments in detail” – so why is Leaving the EU BETTER?

Dr Liam Fox, prominent Leave campaigner, has said: “It is a momentous decision for the country and the public need to hear the arguments in detail and the consequences their votes will have.” He is so very right. But this … Continue reading

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Why won’t the EUphobes set out their alternative to the UK’s EU membership?

When anybody in favour of remaining in the EU points out the benefits that their group, profession, sector gets from the UK’s membership, there are only 3 reasonable responses from the EUphobe groups: 1) here is how and why you … Continue reading

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No to the Norway option – Remain, Leave & Government agree!

David Cameron has said that the “Norway option” for the UK’s relationship with the EU post-Brexit is a non-starter. Norway is a member of European Free Trade Association which with the EU forms the European Economic Area. It has long … Continue reading

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Brexit: Nothing More Than A Contemporary Mode – Part 2

Following on from his previous post https://sayyes2europe.eu/2015/10/10/brexit-nothing-more-than-a-contemporary-mode/ Dave Matthews continues to explore the questions about what happens in the event of a Brexit. There are some huge questions being bandied around the UK and Europe at the moment, concerning our presence and … Continue reading

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Employment rights for UK citizens in the EU post-Brexit

Will UK citizens be able to work in the EU post Brexit? On oft asked question. The answer may well depend on whether you already work in the rest of the EU (and how long for) or whether you have … Continue reading

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