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Rebutting the usual EUmyths and my own reasons for wanting the UK to Remain in the EU.

I was asked to respond to a post in an expatriates group to a post made by a member containing many of the usual EUmyths. As well as correcting the EUmyths in the post I also gave my reasons for … Continue reading

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“Leave/No” campaign confirms that the 1975 EC (Common Market) WAS a political union

As confirmed by the official 1975 “No” campaign leaflet Frequently EUphobes insist that in 1975 the UK public was deceived about whether the European Community was a political union or not. We know that Harold Wilson made it quite clear … Continue reading

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We didn’t sign up to a political union – Myth

Harold Wilson, the then Prime Minister, made it quite clear when reporting to Parliament on the UK application to join the EEC that it was made for political and economic reasons. “But whatever the economic arguments, the House will realise … Continue reading

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