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*The EU and UK employment rights

Originally posted by Marion Thornly in her blog Ceret Diaries: The EU and UK employment rights   The following is a brief summary of a paper entitled “UK Employment Rights and the EU” recently published by the TUC.   The Treaty … Continue reading

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Brexit: Nothing More Than A Contemporary Mode – Part 2

Following on from his previous post Dave Matthews continues to explore the questions about what happens in the event of a Brexit. There are some huge questions being bandied around the UK and Europe at the moment, concerning our presence and … Continue reading

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Brexit: Nothing More Than A Contemporary Mode.

Every day we read that the Exit Campaigns are gaining presence, that their voice is finally being heard. That the UK public are standing up to an undemocratic union, a fascist movement, a money swallower. Eurocrats are being branded as … Continue reading

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Right of Residence in the EU – France

Following on from the post about Permanent Residence in the EU here are links to information about how to obtain a French “carte de séjour – UE” or a “carte de séjour – UE séjour permanent”. The pages are in French … Continue reading

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Right of Residence in the EU

Freedom of Movement. Individual’s freedom of movement within the EU is frequently misunderstood; there is no universal, no-questions-asked, freedom of movement under the EU treaties for stays of longer than 3 months. There is an important but limited freedom of movement: … Continue reading

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Individual freedom of movement in the EU vs the rest of the world

The question A question often asked is how do UK citizens do better in the EU as expats than UK expats elsewhere in the world. An answer UK citizens enjoy a considerable number of individual rights within the EU. The primary … Continue reading

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Brexit – The consequences

Consequences of a Brexit Commentators tend to talk about the consequences of a UK exit from the EU as if there is only one route to go if that happens. If that were the case at least the situation would … Continue reading

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