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Some founder members of the Conservative Friends of Turkey – Boris Johnson, Douglas Carswell, Daniel Hannan?

Listed among the founder members of the Conservative Friends of Turkey are Boris Johnson, Douglas Carswell, and Daniel Hannan. OBJECTIVES Promote strong Anglo-Turkish relations Help to foster bilateral trade and business relationships Build links between the Conservative Party and Turkish … Continue reading

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EU Freedom of Movement isn’t the universal unrestrained movement that some people think it is.

By Mike Meade a member of one of the SY2E – Remain in the EU groups. There is a prevalent notion that an EU country (like Britain) must accept the residency of any other EU national (like Romanians). This is … Continue reading

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What do the EU migrant numbers actually mean?

Well, compare them with the number of births in the UK. The plot below are data from the Office for National Statistics about the number of births since 1938 (i.e. ‘0’ is the year 1938 and the final year on … Continue reading

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EFTA states contributions to the EU is on an equal footing with EU member states.

On BBC Radio 4’s “”Any Questions” last night (22nd April 2016), Nigel Farage claimed that Norway makes no contributions to the EU (though he acknowledged it voluntarily makes some donations to poorer EU member states) and that it incorporates only … Continue reading

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The EU or the Commonwealth: a dilemma for the UK – or a false choice?

Steve Peers published this on his EU Law Analysis blog, many thanks for again letting us reproduce one of his articles here. The United Kingdom has its finger in many pies: the EU, NATO, the United Nations Security Council and the … Continue reading

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Brexit: Nothing More Than A Contemporary Mode – Part 2

Following on from his previous post Dave Matthews continues to explore the questions about what happens in the event of a Brexit. There are some huge questions being bandied around the UK and Europe at the moment, concerning our presence and … Continue reading

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Brexit: Nothing More Than A Contemporary Mode.

Every day we read that the Exit Campaigns are gaining presence, that their voice is finally being heard. That the UK public are standing up to an undemocratic union, a fascist movement, a money swallower. Eurocrats are being branded as … Continue reading

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