Article 50 notification – Time to hold people to their promises

Today, Theresa May has given notice under article 50 that the UK intends to leave the EU.

A leaked resolution by the European Parliament has come to light, detailing its position on Brexit negotiations. The red lines in this resolution will have to be respected by the UK if we are to have an exit deal. 

As the Government has finally admitted, “no deal” would be bad for the UK.

The balance in these negotiations is already tipped so far in favour of the EU that a positive outcome for the UK will be dependent on the goodwill of the EU –  not the skill and judgement of the PM or her negotiators.

This is a “high point” in a divisive premiership. There has been a disastrous run-up to negotiations. 

Theresa May and the Brexiters have so antagonised the EU and its members that now the UK is triggering a set of negotiations so unbalanced they will make schizophrenics look positively focused. 

At the conclusion of these negotiations, Theresa May will try to force Parliament’s hand to choose between two options: her way or the highway.

She is calling now for unity behind a common cause. What she wants is our support for her cause, a cause that maintains support for her among the UKIP wing of the Conservative Party and the right wing press.

She is not seeking support for a common cause.

The common cause should be and must be the cause that is in the best interests of the whole UK and all its citizens.

With your support in all its forms, the People’s Challenge has already upheld Parliamentary Sovereignty and will continue to do so, taking the case back to court if necessary.

The “Three Knights Opinion” has given us the material to mount this case, if we have to. We think we will probably have to. Given the story so far, it’s hard to believe otherwise.

We believe that ordinary people like us will help defend our fundamental citizenship rights and the UK’s Parliamentary Sovereignty.

At the conclusion of these negotiations, Parliament will decide what is inthe best interest of the UK and its people. It will choose what is best for the UK from all the options available.

It is not a “deal/no deal” choice. The expert legal opinion of the “Three Knights” says so.

With your help, we will quench the fires of rabid Brexiters, enabling cooler, calmer heads to prevail.

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