Red Queen once again asserts that she is the law and will not allow Parliament a meaningful vote

The Red Queen strikes again! In a shockingly dismissive statement yesterday Theresa May said that she would not allow Parliament to amend “her” Brexit bill.

The Prime Minister once again flexes her muscles and announces her willingness to overrule Parliament and/or break the law if necessary to force “her” Brexit bill through unamended and the UK out of the EU, whatever the circumstances.

This is the latest piece of populist rhetoric that the Prime Minister has used to put herself above the law and beyond question from anybody, most of all the people’s elected representatives.

One wonders how she intends to deal with the pro-democracy “subversives”, the pro-rule-of-law” enemies of the people” and the pro-EU “traitors” so that the post-Brexit rule of Theresa May can take full form.

It beggars belief that someone who claims to be representing “the will of the people” can announce that the People’s Constitutionally Elected Representatives will not have a proper say about what is in the best interests of the UK.

That someone who claims she wants “British justice in British courts by British judges” can hold the law of the land in such contempt.

That someone who has sworn to represent the best interest of the UK and wherever possible her constituents can endanger those interests for her political convenience.

This is not just about Brexit it is about the fundamentals of the UK’s Democratic Institutions and our Constitutional Law.

Robert Pigney

Please back the The Second People’s Challenge: helping Parliament take control and help our parliamentarians ensure that Parliament has meaningful control over the Brexit process.

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