Art. 50 Supreme Court Defence funding target met – Thank you

We are delighted to report to supporters that on the 15th we met our fundraising ‘stretch target’ and are confident that we have sufficient funds to cover the costs of our legal team in the Supreme Court, other expenses and to make a reasonable provision for a share of the Government’s legal costs being awarded against us personally, in the unlikely event that the appeal succeeds.

We are therefore closing the fundraising campaign and will only reopen it if something unforeseen happens which means we need more funds to champion UK Citizens’ rights in the case.

We will send out another update soon explaining the steps that need to be taken between now and the four-day hearing arranged in the Supreme Court from 5 December 2016 onwards, who is now involved and what our team is working on.

For now though, the most important thing is for us to offer our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported and sustained us so far in fighting for Parliamentary control and accountability.

Chris, Fergal, Grahame, Paul, Rob & Tahmid.

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