People’s Challenge – Thank you & why we are pushing on past £150,000

We have raised the necessary money for the hearings in the Divisional  Court, this is an important milestone. However this fight for Parliamentary democracy is a marathon not a sprint.

Pushing on past the magic £150,000.

We’ve been focussing on this target for quite a while now and, when we started, it seemed like an impossible ambition.

However, over time, we have assembled not only a top-notch legal team, but also  thousands of supporters prepared to put their money where our mouth is. We cannot  thank you enough for your confidence and generosity.

We are committed to doing the very best job we can for you. We’ve already had our first victory, when the Court agreed to our application to make sure the government’s defence was not kept secret. It subsequently became clear why they were trying to keep it so. Besides sparking public and press debate, the defence has been exposed to coruscating critiques by leading constitutional law academics such as Professors Alison Young and Mark Elliot and fellow Pavlos Eleftheriadis.

But the legal fight is still in its early stages. As you might well have noticed, in the course of the campaign it has become increasingly clear that the matter will go to appeal at the Supreme Court in December to get a definitive, unequivocal decision. The government seems disinclined to back down, and we have grounds for optimism about the outcome for us.

Either way, it seems that the fight will have to go on to make sure that there is no invocation of Article 50 without Parliamentary oversight and authority in the form of an Act of Parliament. The law demands no less.

The will to carry on is not in doubt, and the way is clear, so once again it’s down to the means.

We have to ask you, please, to keep on pledging, so that the Peoples’ Challenge doesn’t founder because the government has more money to spend than we do.

The estimate of the amount necessary for us to go, or to be taken, to the Supreme Court is £75,000. Please help us to make a start on this target while the current funding campaign is still running.

Both the judiciary and the government take notice of the support you’re giving us, and it’s not only the money, it’s the number of people who pledge. The more people who can spare us a quid or two, the clearer it will be that Parliament’s constitutional role matters to ordinary UK Citizens, especially at this critical time, and the more the government is on the back foot. Please do what you can to make them all sit up and take notice.

Thank you once again.

Chris, Fergal, Grahame, Paul, Rob & Tahmid.

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