£100,000 Milestone for the People’s Challenge.

The People’s Challenge has recently exceeded £100,000 in donations, with great progress being made in the last few days. These donations have enabled us to forge onward with our legal challenge to the Govt. With both our and the Govt’s arguments being made public, all our supporters can see that our case appears strong.

We have some, if not all, of the UK’s best public law and human rights experts in our legal team and we are confident in the case they are putting forward on our and your behalf.

Chris Formaggia said:

“We have an amazing legal team and each of my co-interested parties has a valuable life experience that adds to the case but I take my hat off to all the heroes and heroines who have and continue to support our case with their hard earned cash….your faith in our case is a wonderful thing”.

When the courts deliver their verdict and justice is done it will have been thanks to our backers without whom this would all have been nigh on impossible.

Tahmid Chowdhury said:

“In recent years the civil justice system has become increasingly difficult to access for ordinary citizens. Thanks to the generosity of all of those who have donated on and/or shared our Crowd Justice campaign we are able to ensure that our terrific legal team gets the voices of ordinary people heard in this groundbreaking case.”

Please support the People’s Challenge

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