Parliament: Cornerstone of Britain or a footstool for Theresa May?

The Palace of Westminster is the seat of the most powerful and important body in the UK: Parliament.

Although some powers have been devolved, Parliament has legislative supremacy over all other political and administrative bodies in the UK and its territories.

Enter Mrs May, in her capacity as shoe-in PM she has decided that she is the supreme authority in the land and will be making decisions without consulting with or answering to anyone.

This would require Parliament to do the bidding of the Prime Minister, in which case why do we bother electing our MPs? Surely, if they are there to do TM’s bidding, it would be far more efficient and convenient if she just appointed them herself.

We elect our MPs to represent and serve us, we pay them to exercise their skill and judgment and decide what is best for the UK as a whole, with a special consideration for their constituency.

This un-elected PM has no mandate and the UK is in the throes of a major crisis, now more than ever we need our Sovereign Parliament to exercise said Sovereignty.

People’s Challenge to the Government on Art. 50: A Parliamentary Prerogative


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