Nil Desperandum, and Illegitimi non carborundum!

With thanks to Emma, our dialogue helped inspire this article.

We’re all trying to get to grips with what happened on 23rd June.

It appears that the top brass of the Quitters’ campaign were no less distressed than the Remain supporters – Boris, Nigel, Michael etc. ran screaming for the trees at speeds the eye could barely follow.

For some of the latter, their chickens appear to be coming home to roost, which seems appropriate all ways round, really!

But let’s just have a look at where we are now.

The advisory referendum delivered an inconclusive result. Nigel Farage himself said that a 52% versus 48% result would constitute “unfinished business”. Of course, he thought that he would be on the 48% side, but that’s just a detail, isn’t it?

But only the Remainers appear to support a 2nd referendum. Why is this? Is it possible that the Quitters think the result was a fluke, and want to hang on to what they’ve got? If it really is the preference of a substantial majority, won’t a 2nd referendum demonstrate this?

Why the clamour to invoke Article 50 immediately? We have no idea how the exit negotiations would go, it’s surely more sensible to see what the “deal” would look like, if the red button were to be pressed, before actually doing it?

Might it be that they want to try to hustle things through, before enough people notice that the referendum was advisory only, not conclusive and that its result was obtained through lies, deceit and misrepresentation which the Quitters abandoned within hours of the referendum result.

Before they notice that the claim of loss of Parliamentary sovereignty was one of those lies, and that it’s Parliament’s job (in its role as elected representatives of the people) to debate and decide what’s in the best interests of the whole of the UK.

Don’t let the reality get swept under the carpet! We’re a long way from “morituri te salutant” – please don’t let anyone tell you differently.

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