2nd Eu Referendum: Make sure your voice is heard, check your inbox for your confirmation e-mail!

Many people have signed the petition for a 2nd Referendum, some of you may have noticed that the numbers have occasionally gone down. This is due in part to fraudulent signatures being removed.

Also, a lot of people have not received and/or followed through with their confirmation e-mails. If you don’t receive the confirmation within 24 hrs, check your spam folder, if there’s still no joy, then try again. If you have received it, follow the link.

If you don’t, you “signing” on the website won’t count. Please don’t let that happen!

This petition needs as much support and momentum as possible. There are already over 4 MILLION signatures. That’s great, but we need as many as possible, more, more, more… If we don’t put all we’ve got into staying in the EU, we’ll have to make do with whatever Lady Luck or dear ol’ BoJo care to give us.

I don’t know about you but I’d rather make my own luck.

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