EU governments pile pressure on UK to leave as soon as possible: because of their own frailty

But they would wouldn’t they. The mood is changing in the EU and the UK has been prepared to speak out about the changes required.

The people in the UK have expressed their opinion, even if deceived by Quitters’ Lies, BUT the UK’s Sovereign Parliament has not said what it is going to do.

Is that surprising given that Scotland , Northern Ireland and London are indisputably pro-EU, and that the mandate in favour of the UK Quitting the EU is hardly convincing.

Even the Quitters are fast back-pedalling on their assertions, many of which have turned out to be lies.

If the the rest of the EU truly respects UK sovereignty it needs to possess its soul in patience and spend more time listening to its electorate.

I am passionately pro-EU but Martin Schulz and his ilk should simply shut up, stop being concerned with their own discomfort and newly found concern for democracy and let one of the EU’s sovereign states work its way through the current situation.

If the rest of the EU wants to respect the UK’s sovereignty, it will respect the UK’s democratic process and the time the UK is entitled to take to reflect on the views the voters have expressed.

Inconvenient for Martin Schulz and his like but essential for the UK’s sovereignty.

The UK will decide what is best for the UK.

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