Remember Dunkirk, Britain has come back from a disaster before: Support the Second Referendum

The results from the vote on the 23rd were of course more than disappointing, shocking and for some a major wake up call. But this rude awakening to a troubling turn of events does not mean that all is lost, remember Dunkirk.

We have a long hard fight ahead of us, but if we REGROUP, CONCENTRATE and most of all KEEP CALM we will overcome, as we always have.

The kid gloves must also come off, as they did in 1940. Liars must be exposed, manipulators must be denounced, cold hard facts must be embraced and notions of romanticism must be abandoned.

This is not a brave and determined resistance by the people of Great Britain against the iron fist of the EU, it is an elitist plot by some self-serving British politicians, masquerading as the common man, to further their careers and/or seize power.

The Leave campaign have lied (directly and by omission), they have manipulated people and facts to further their agenda, they have made empty and worthless promises, they have slandered and now they are back-pedalling so fast that the cream is soon to become butter.

For all these reasons, please support the second Referendum:

Let’s have a Referendum based on facts, based on truths, based on calm consideration.

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