I, Traci Shipp, want the UK to Remain in the EU because…..

When I lived and worked in Italy for four years, I was not faced with reams of paperwork, interviews, language tests to apply, I just had interviews with my employers, just as I would back home. I was welcomed by the native population, I could getFinal Infographic a flat easily, I could drive on my UK licence without having to apply for a new EU one. I was able to get a ‘Carta Identica’ which acted as European passport and ID when required with no questions asked. Basically I could get on with my work and living as if I was living in the UK, contribute to the local economy and have a great experience learning about how other people live in Europe. It allowed me opportunities that the UK couldn’t give me. I learned there, what I think Jo Cox once said or is quoted as saying, ‘There is more that unites us than divides us’. Plus one of my oldest and best friends is German (since 1975 when we took part in a school exchange) and one of my best friends is German, we met in NZ, 19 years ago. The school exchange showed me what language is for – to communicate, learn and appreciate other ways of living. It gave me the confidence a shy teenager needed in the 70s and am eternally grateful for my parents and teacher who encouraged me to go. I’ve been European ever since.



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