I, Paul Holland, want the UK to Remain in the EU because…..

Final Infographic I believe in the purpose of the European Union.

It is as noble a concept now as it has always been.

It was set up to ensure peace in Europe by raising the living standards of its people.

It binds formerly warring nations together in peace.

It seeks to eliminate poverty, division and fear. The most common causes of war.

It lends a helping hand to nations emerging from dictatorships and oppression and delivers freedom, prosperity and strength through unity.

It defends us all from extremism and it seeks to show the world that peaceful coexistence is the best way forward for humanity.

But across Europe dark forces are reawakening, extremist populist parties are joining forces to destabilise and destroy this European ideal. The EU has protected us our whole lives.and kept us all safe. Tomorrow I shall vote to protect Europe in its hour of need. I shall vote to remain.

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