I, Mary Butler, want the UK to Remain in the EU because…..

I spent a day in Bordeaux yesterday to visit one of the wonderful hospitals there to which, because we are in the E.U. we have access. I was treated withFinal Infographic respect and kindness as is always the way in France. The City was humming, full of Spanish and Croatian football fans and thousands of lovely young people of every race and creed, we fought our way onto trams with them and all this was with good humour and absolutely no trouble. We were given seats when possible and when we tried to thank them they said ´C’est Normale which is always the case. We came home rejoicing that we live in this tolerant, vibrant part of the E.U. We feel this is what our parents fought for and wanted for us and it is what we wish for our children and grandchildren. We are far better off in the E.U. and if only we can stay in we can all pull together to try and make it even better. It has many problems, the French people we have discuseed this with all agree, but they hope we will remain so that we can change things together. Please Vote Remain.



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