Nigel Farage tries to show that all of the EU will arrive in the UK – that doesn’t even pass a basic sanity check.

Nigel Farage proposes that 508 million people ‘could come to the UK’ from other EU countries.

Hang on a moment 65 million of those already LIVE in the UK, while the idea of the entire populations of France, Germany, Austria, Italy or Holland all rushing to come to the UK is completely absurd.

Farage also tries to identify asylum seekers and refugees as ‘EU migrants’, when they do not gain EU citizenship just because they arrive in Europe, and they would have no right of free movement into the UK. On average it takes a minimum of FIVE years to gain local citizenship, including passing language tests and other hurdles, by which time they would be in work, housing and education in the country where they arrived.

Again the idea they would all subsequently go through the total upheaval of moving to Britain and going through the entire process again is laughable.

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