I am worried. Worried about my future and the future of my country .

From David Livingston

A member of one of the SY2E – Remain in the EU groups

Its 4:30 in the morning and I cannot sleep because I am worried. Worried about my future and the future of my country .
Although I am proud to be British I dont live in Britain and yet I am looking at my country in shock and horror at what is going on over the debate about Europe..

On one side of a debate you have over 90 % of businesses , the unions , economists and over 450 members of parliament , a combination agreeing to anything I would have said previously as likely as me being picked to represent England in goal next week .

On the other side we have a group of ideologically driven MPs on the right of the conservative party then UKIP ( further Right) and frankly rightwing nutters and oddballs plus and this is most important, the vast majority of Newspaper Owners.

One side of the debate says yes things are not perfect but we are part of the club , its swings and roundabouts.

The other side says the club is terrible and we should go off by ourselves.

For me its like golf: you need a course to play on and people to play with. Being by yourself would be like paying for a golf club where you’re the only member and only one at the bar.

Both side have told whoppers during the debate but I believe the likes of Gove, Farage and Alexander Boris de Piffle Johnson ( to give him his full name) when they’re asked about what will happen if they win . They reply,”we don’t know” . I believe them, and it’s not good enough, gentlemen! People could be putting their economic future at stake and you don’t know what will happen! You’re asking them to gamble with their jobs , pensions, houses, medical care (and all those things on behalf of your children and grandchildren too) …… AND YOU HAVE NO  F..ing CLUE! It’s not good enough for anyone.

It has been claimed by Gove and others that leaving the EU will enable the UK to spend more on the NHS. However since Gove and Farage want to privatise the NHS, I would take this with a pinch of salt, frankly (to any doubters of this, Google is your friend).

Lastly, major newspaper owners, none of whom pay tax in the UK, think that because they own a newspaper, they have the right to promote hatred. I invite everyone to look at the headlines in the recent past from the Sun , Express , Star , and Daily Mail and just replace the words “Refugee”, “Asylum Seeker” and “Foreigner” with the word “Jew” and see how it feels.

It’s not good is it? My Grandfather fought in WWII was injured and his medals are proudly on the wall at my parents house ,I am proud of what he fought for and the fact that we have had over 70 years of peace in Europe .

Why put our peace, our future and the prosperity we have at risk?

Vote Remain.

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