Brexit is like driving off a bridge, it’s a one way ticket. No refunds, no swaps, no nothing.

In this referendum the Remain campaign has often been critisised for being too negative, of trying to scare voters into voting Remain. I can sympathise with that point of view but on the other hand wouldn’t you want somebody to tell you if you were about to make a huge blunder? Or do you respond like this when someone tries to help you?

“Excuse me, you do realise the Severn bridge is out? You shouldn’t use it.”

“Screw you, I’m crossing and you can’t stop me”

“But you’ll die”

“I said I’m going, don’t you tell me what to do! I’m not scared!”

Over the top? Not in my opinion. Remain says that leaving could have grave and lasting (see above) consequences for the UK, be they economical, political, social or military. Leave says you should ignore all advice given by anybody that is not part of the leave campaign, aka experts.

What if they’re wrong? You could kiss goodbye to one or more of these things: your job, your mortgage, your holidays, your promotion, and more.

What if they’re right, you say? Well tomorrow is another day, if the EU does try to privatise the NHS, force us into an EU army or the Euro, accept another member state (Turkey for example) then we can say, “shan’t”, these changes are subject to UK government approval (that is, the UK can veto it). Plus the fact that any transfer of power requires that YOU have a say.

Remember, if you really think it’s a good idea you can drive off a bridge any time you want, you cannot on the other hand un-drive off a bridge, not ever.

But have no fear, while you’re saying hello to the fish at the bottom of the Severn, Boris Johnson will be delivering a public apology for leading you astray. I’m sure your friends and family will take much comfort from this.


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