What is this “Brexit” that “Mr Farage and associates” trying to sell us and why?

This post is going out to those of you who are undecided or can be swayed regarding the upcoming referendum.

I could try to convince you of the value of cooperation by bringing up examples such as neighborhood watches or workers unions. I could attempt to persuade you of the strength of a Union by pointing out that the UK is a Union of Nations, even though there has been much bad blood among these Nations in the past.

I could employ a multitude of arguments, but I won’t, I’m going to ask you a more important question. What is this man representing “Mr Farage and associates” trying to sell you.

He’s doing you a favour by offering a better product, but if that’s the case, so where are the facts and figures? Why no placard saying “Twice the yield” or “25% longer lasting”?

He might be saying that this product is healthier, if so why is there no list of ingredients? What is stopping this man from selling you a highly toxic if delicious fast-food?

If this man is claiming his company has at heart the interests and satisfaction of its clients, where is the money-back guarantee, or the after-sales package? For that matter, why is he hurrying us into this sale?

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be sceptical of salesmen who sell magic potions, don’t have any documentation, have to make the sale today, only deal in cash and don’t do returns.

What I’m asking is that you are as discerning about what the Leavers are offering as you are with your food, washing machine or car, for example:

  • How much does it cost?
  • What has it got in it?
  • What kind of mpg/life-expectancy does it have?
  • Does it come with a guarantee?
  • Or even simply “I’d like to see it before I buy”.

Don’t be dazzled by the bright lights or deafened by the loud infomercials.

Personally, if the seller has no track record, can’t show me the product, won’t offer me any kind of after-sales service and spends more time bad-mouthing the competition than he does lauding his own product, I don’t buy.

What I’m saying above is that you should look for a carefully-formulated and detailed reasoning of why “Brexit” is the product for you.

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