Europe: Project Hope 4 – Let’s be hopeful. Let’s be constructive. Let’s dream a little…

By Hector MacDonald a member of one of the SY2E – Remain in the EU groups.

Let’s be hopeful.  Let’s be constructive.  Let’s dream a little…

 We can make the EU the greatest coalition of sovereign nations ever seen

We’ve achieved seven decades of peace.  Through the EU we can ensure many more.

We’ve rebuilt our own continent.  We can find a way to support the Syrian people through their trauma, while keeping Europe secure against excessive economic migration.

We defeated fascism.  We can stand firm in the face of Russian aggression, Islamic terrorism and political extremism, winning on the strength of the ideals we all share.

We invented the modern industrial world.  We can reignite European creativity and prosperity, built on sustainable technologies and renewable fuels.

We inspired free trade, democracy and the rule of law around the globe.  We can set an example for the rest of the world once again.

Be optimistic.  Be collaborative.  Be European. 

Vote Remain.

The full article is available here on Hugh’s blog

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