Europe: Project Hope 3 – We must support the EU and its ideals in every way we can

By Hector MacDonald a member of one of the SY2E – Remain in the EU groups.

We must support the EU and its ideals in every way we can

Yes, we should Vote to Remain on 23 June.  We should vote to stay part of a worthy project that has underpinned a golden age of peace and prosperity for Europe.

But we should do more than that.

We should help steer the EU towards the future we desire.

That means talking to other Europeans about what we collectively want from the EU civil servants who work for us and the funds that are disbursed on our behalf.

It means getting to know our MEPs and challenging them to represent us properly and push for reform.

It means campaigning against the ideas we don’t like – whether closer political union or wider geographic expansion – and in favour of the ideas we do like, so that our representatives and civil servants understand what we expect from them.

It means looking for ways to work together on the big issues we all face, such as youth unemployment, refugees, ageing populations, terrorism and climate change.

It means being a good European as well as a great British citizen.

The full article is available here on Hugh’s blog

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