I urge the British voter not to fall into this Brexit trap – Democracy

By John Tilt, a member of one of the SY2E – Remain in the EU groups.

We need to eschew all this false information about the EU being undemocratic! Under the influence of bigots like Boris Johnson, Farage, and IDS – the UK will become the least democratic nation in Europe. The Germans didn’t see the forthcoming dangers of right-wing dominance – when Adolf Hitler rose to power in 1933.

British Brexiteers are similarly missing the point over the new dangers of Team Brexit today. Hitler wanted to take back Germany and regain the pride of the German people. However, Hitler destroyed Germany and half of the known world along with it.

Ukip and Team Brexit are also heralding nationalist values. In common with Hitler’s NSDAP, Ukip and Team Brexit share racist ideals and the new adage of ‘Taking our country back’, is quite the same.

The days of the British Empire are over. Without the EU Britain will be alone and vulnerable. The economy will sink, Scotland will campaign immediately to leave the UK (and this time they will persuade the Scots voters – who are dissatisfied with Westminster to do just that) and Britain will end up as a poor little ex EU nation – who will undoubtedly become part of the TTIP. In the words of the respected American intellectual Noam Chomski, once-again Britain will be subordinate to the USA. We will no longer be the world’s 5th strongest economy either. We entered the EEC as the 2nd poorest of European countries and will go back to being just that.

I admire David Cameron’s stance in relation to EU renegotiation – in which he achieved excellent results – for which he must feel undervalued. But I believe he made a huge mistake in offering a referendum to a public whose minds have been poisoned by the right-wing – especially at a time when they are dissatisfied over austerity policies and the government’s unashamed bias towards the rich.

However, I believe the real agenda behind Team Brexit is to shift the power base from the present democracy to both the Tory right and to Ukip. We look set to return Britain to the 1930’s – where Oswald Mosely ran the British Union of Fascists, since with the likes of Ukip the BNP and Britain First – there is little difference

I urge the British voter not to fall into this Brexit trap. Be afraid, be very afraid.

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