I urge the British voter not to fall into this Brexit trap – TTIP

By John Tilt, a member of one of the SY2E – Remain in the EU groups.

The EU is far LESS likely to accept a TTIP agreement than an isolated UK would. An exiting UK would have little choice other than to accept the TTIP, since it would be desperate for alternative markets: After a shock announcement that the vote had gone to the dreaded Brexit – the Pound Sterling and British shares are going to crash on the world markets.

The loss of international confidence in Britain, before it enters the EEA and re-hashes thousands of industrial trade deals – each of which take an average of 28 months – will send the British economy into the mother of all recessions.

Since David Cameron has already declared his backing of a TTIP deal, an exiting UK would not be empowered to do anything other than accept TTIP – and to do so on the USA’s terms. We will therefore enter TTIP.

Europe on the other hand is a different case. The Germans for example, with their ancient purity laws – are completely anti-GMO foods – and several other EU member nations will also vote against TTIP. Europe does not need the TTIP, whereas Britain will. This also goes to show that the EU is actually MORE Democratic than the UK alone.

I urge the British voter not to fall into this Brexit trap. Be afraid, be very afraid.

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