I fear Brexit will be like the French revolution.

I am afraid, and in fact almost sure that the referendum campaign is more about the common man venting his frustration about the world than it is about choosing what is best for us or those who will come after us.

Enflammed passions are over-ruling common sense and calm deliberation. I fear that come June 23rd metaphorical heads will roll and keep rolling until the country has hit rock-bottom.

The French revolution was in the beginning fueled by discontent from food shortages and high taxes, which is fine, you should be upset if both your stomach and your purse are empty.

But once the revolution got started it quickly spun out of control, the French king made the concessions demanded of him by the French people but it was too late… the whole idea behind the revolution was to put in place a democratic and competent government, but once the revolution began it didn’t stop for 10 years. By then, the Revolution was fuelled by hate, fear and envy.

They achieved what they wanted within months of the revolution’s start, but they had not finished venting and along with a little coaxing from a few public figures the French populace went absolutely mad.

I am certainly not saying that the UK will descend into civil war, I am most definitely saying that the country and the British public will suffer if they do not abide by the saying: “Cooler heads will prevail”.

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